Hyytiäinen's Impossibilities

Performance at hcmf// 2021

In about a month, on November 22nd, "Temporality of the Impossible" performance featuring pieces by Liza Lim and Dario Buccino will take place at the hcmf// 2021. This performance is part of festival's shorts series, and is also a preview for the upcoming CD release for teh Huddersfield Contemporary Records.

Festival brochure available here.

More information about the upcoming release, as well as infomration about the BBC3 broadcast of the performance at the hcmf// 2021 itself will be announced soon.

”Temporality of the Impossible: thinking future as the past in the present in 20th and 21st century violin repertoire ” is an artistic research that started as a personal curiosity but grew into a PhD research, now taking place at the CeReNeM and ReCePP, at the University of Huddersfield (UK).

Dejana performs on the violin courtesy of Thomas Meuwissen

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