Sounds from St Paul's #1

Clara Iannotta's "dead wasps in the jam jar (I)" was one of the pieces on the program for the CeReNeM's Performer Research Showcase. This is the live recording from that performance, that took place in the amazing St Paul’s Hall in Huddersfield (UK) on November 1st, 2018.

For better experience, use headphones or good loudspeakers, and don't fear playing it loud!

•from Dejana's notes

I don't think that there will ever be words accurate and nuanced enough to express the love and admiration I have and feel for Iannotta’s music, and all the "imaginatoriums" that it takes my mind to. Speaking of...
Sharing this now and realising it is impossible to say “Iannotta’s wondrous sound world at its best”. Only because her sound world is so extraordinary, and extraordinarily detailed and different for each work that sort of each one represents its “at its best”. So… let’s just say that this is just one of the “at its best” ear-peeks into her exciting, peculiar, adventurous sound world.

“Dead wasps in the jam jar (I)” for solo violin... something absolutely out-worldly. It is the sound of all these galaxies far away. That would have never been heard. If Iannotta wouldn’t have left the door of her imagination ajar (or rather- wide open). For all the curious ears to enter. And experience these galaxies here and now.

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