Sounds from St Paul's #2

Haukur þór Harðarson's "Surge" was one of the pieces on the program for the CeReNeM's Performer Research Showcase. This is the live recording from that performance, that took place in the amazing St Paul’s Hall in Huddersfield (UK) on November 1st, 2018.

For better experience, use headphones or good loudspeakers, and don't fear playing it loud!

•from Dejana's notes

This will never be said enough - I could not be happier and enough thankful for having opportunities to discover and play this (these) piece(s) created in our lifetime! Another recording from the performance in the amazing St Paul’s Hall in Huddersfield during CeReNeM | Centre for Research in New Music Performer Research Showcase is “out and about”. Sharing on this occasion the second recording from the #SoundsFromStPauls “playlist”, and it is the breath-challenging piece Surge (for solo violin) by Haukur þór Harðarson.

"Surge"... Flipping you from unexplored deep-sea like waves to levitating midair... being thrown and tumbled with soft gushes everywhere in between. Breaking from the inner core through the ripples of mantel and crust, submerged in sub-ocean-like depths, sudden trembling transient rush and pulsating sensation of air boiling from a seemingly motionless surface caused by surges, of what feels like instrument's own heartbeats, just keeps your body breathing the continuous movement of stillness.

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